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Our highly coveted natural stone diffuser adds a touch of aromatherapy to any space in your home. Diffuse your favourite oils or blends without the need for electricity, water or candles. 


  • non-toxic
  • everlasting
  • derived from natural minerals

aroma diffuser stone

  • Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your space with our white natural stone diffusers. Available in two simple contemporary designs, you'll be ready to elevate the ambience, style and scent of your home.

    You may want to have one in your bathroom, bedroom or office - or perhaps all three! Whilst the scent throw is a bit more muted than our traditional reed diffusers, our aroma stones give you the freedom and flexibility to mix up your blends each day, depending on your mood or space.

  • Simply add 3-5 drops of essential oil to the top of your aroma stone and allow the scent to gently diffuse in your space. As our stones are delicately poreous, the scent will sit within the surface of the stone and diffuse throughout your space. You may top up your stone with oil every 2-3 days or at your own discretion.

    And the great thing about aromatherapy? Even when you are across the room and cannot directly smell the aroma stone, you'll be benefiting from the thereaputic benefits of your chosen oils.

    Our aroma stones are designed to be placed on any hard surface in your home. As they have a sealed bottom, you are able to place them on various surfaces in your home including timber.

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