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The brass bell on the old timber door rings just as you enter. As your leather boot lands on the timber floorboards, a gentle creak gives the old storekeeper a second alert to your entrance. The crisp smell of well-loved pages, old books, freshly polished timber and the delicate bouquet of flowers on the desk fill your nose.


Smells like: Old paper, dried flower arrangements and mahogany.


Notes: Juniper Berry, Rosewood + Cedarwood.

Featuring dried gyp and gold leaf flakes, this reed diffuser blend provides a mysterious, enchanting and almost magical ambiance to your home.

vintage bookstore botanical reed diffuser

PriceFrom $45.00
  • Our 200ml natural reed diffusers double as both an aromatic reed diffuser AND a floral arrangement! Containing beautiful real flowers, our reed diffusers make an amazing gift for your loved ones (and are even better in your own home ;) !)

    Hand-poured in a beautiful glass bottle and topped with a silver metal lid. Each reed diffuser comes with 10 natural reeds (available either with three sola wood flowers attached or au natural.)

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