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The ultimate pure essential oil blend of lifestyle essentials. Designed to combat and aid common ailments and needs such as headaches, anxiety, stress, depression and sleep this trio truly is the ultimate companion for your home.

Promote focus, alleviate tension and assist in minimising the affects of headaches with this essential oil blend.

Our Dreamer essential oil blend promotes restfulness and sleep and is perfect for application prior to a restful nights sleep.

Whimsical is a brightening and uplifting blend designed to alleviate anxiety and help promote positivity and joy.

"lifestyle essentials" essential oil blend trio

  • Our lifestyle essentials essential oil trio contains all 3 of our specially formulated pure essential oil blends designed to support everyday health.

    You will receive:
    1x clarity pure essential oil blend
    1x dreamer pure essential oil blend
    1x whimsical pure essential oil blend

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