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A balancing and nurturing trio of oil rollers designed to support women's hormone health and common issues such as low libido, PMS, menstruation pains and feelings of anxiety and stress.

Our Flourish blend promotes self-love, empowerment and a healthy libido.

Bring harmony and balance to your hormones with our Harmony blend. Whether you're experiencing everyday stresses or you're suffering from menstruation and menopause symptoms, our Harmony blend was designed to empower and assist women during times of hormonal imbalance.

A nurturing essential oil blend designed to assist expecting mothers during labour and support women experiencing menstrual pain and PMS symptoms.

"happy hormones" aromatherapy roller trio

  • Our women's hormones roller trio contains all 3 of our specially formulated roller blends designed to support hormone balance and ailments. Each crystal-infused bottle contains 10ml of our beautiful essential oil & fractionated coconut oil blend.

    You will receive:
    1x harmony roller
    1x flourish roller
    1x nurture roller

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