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Wood Wicks vs. Cotton Wicks

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We give you the lowdown on the pros and cons of wood wick and cotton wick candles.

We all know that soy wax is much better than paraffin wax in every way - it burns clearer, is better for the environment, is healthier for our families and it lasts longer. But what about wicks? Which wick is better for us, for the environment and will last longer? Let's dig in.

Burn Time

Wood wicks often tend to produce a more slow, even flame throughout their burn. This means that a wood wick will consume less wax to maintain it's burn, thus lasting far longer than a cotton wick.

The verdict: Wood wicks last longer.

Scent Throw

When a candles wax and fragrance blend starts to melt as the wick burns, the fragrance is diffused through the air via the heat throw of your candle. A wood wick diffuses heat more rapidly throughout the wax, giving your candle a much stronger heat throw!

"A wood wick diffuses heat more rapidly... giving your candle a much stronger heat throw!"

The verdict: Wood wicks are better at diffusing scent throughout your space.

Aesthetic and Ambiance

There is nothing more relaxing than the gentle flicker of a burning candle. Together with the relaxing aroma of our essential oil blends and the beautiful crystals our soy candles are topped with, that gentle burn can provide just about any space with a gorgeous delicate ambiance. But which wicks provide better ambiance? This all depends on personal preference! Some people prefer the gentle crackling of a wood wick, whilst others find it distracting and do not find it at all appealing. This one comes down to personal preference as both wood wicks and cotton wicks provide a beautiful ambiance.

The verdict: It's up to personal preference.

Sustainability + The Environment

According to the National Wildlife Federation, cotton is believed to be one of the most chemically intensive crops. Most people think of cotton as a "natural" product - but is this true? The heavy quantities of pesticides used to maintain the worlds cotton crop levels are shocking. Over 84 million pounds of pesticides were applied to the 14.4 million acres of cotton fields in the US in the year 2000 alone. But what about organic cotton? In a perfect world that would be incredible, but organic cotton makes up less than 1% of all cotton produced worldwide. At Fox and Quill Co our mission is to remain as sustainable and transparent as possible. Trees are a sustainable source of wicks and we have vowed to plant one tree for every wood wick candle or subscription box sold through to help further reduce our footprint on our planet earth.

"Right now, organic cotton represents less than 0.1 percent of all the cotton produced worldwide." - National Wildlife Federation, 2006

The verdict: Wood wicks are much better for the planet.


But what's going to give me the maximum burn for my money? As wood wicks burn for longer, provide a better scent throw and provide more of a three dimensional ambiance experience, you'll find that wood wicks provide far more value for money! The verdict: Wood wicks are a clear winner.

The Verdict

With all these things in mind, it's easy to see why we chose to switch to wood wicks for our candles! Better for you, better for the environment and in our personal opinion - far more aesthetically pleasing. But, do your wood wicks smoulder out? Do you find them difficult to light? We have you covered! Check out our next blog post for tips on how to troubleshoot your cande problems!


National Wildlife Federation

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